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Medprecis Publishers is a worldwide publishing entity founded with the primary objective of promoting equitable access to scientific knowledge for the global research community. Our mission is to disseminate research findings of significant relevance across all channels, removing barriers to information access. We are committed to addressing the challenges of Open Access by prioritizing quality and transparency in our publications.

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Our Open access scholarly literature is free of charge and often carries less restrictive copyright and licensing barriers than traditionally published works, for both the users and the authors. While OA is a newer form of scholarly publishing, Our OA journals comply with well-established peer-review processes and maintain high publishing standards. Through Open Access academic communities around the world contribute to the advancement and application of science, technology, and medicine.

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"I've had the privilege of publishing my research in journals managed by Medprecis, and their professionalism and commitment to scholarly excellence have been truly commendable."

Mackensen A

Yale University School of Medicine, United States

"Medprecis is efficient processes and dedicated editorial team make them a top choice for academics seeking to share their work with a global audience."

Horvath S


"Publishing with Medprecis was a breeze! Their dedicated team provided unparalleled support, making the entire process smooth and stress-free. Highly recommended for any academic author!"

Kevin Chung

Department of Surgery, United States

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